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This part of report contain values of the person that installing the most motivating factors in life and work. Type of information perception, interaction with other people in his life and work, a model of behavior in conflict situations.

Type of Interaction

The area of testing “Type of Interaction” describes the way of your interacting with other people in life and at work as well as your resolving disputes. These diagrams will help you to optimize the interaction with others.

Adjustment 100% Type of interaction at which you adapt to changes easily.

Cooperation 60% Type of interaction at which you fulfil yourself while interacting with other people.

Rivalry 30% Type of interaction at which you achieve the best results in case of competition.

Compromise 0% The strategy of interaction at which you build interaction based on mutual concessions.

Avoidance 0% Type of interaction at which you avoid solving critical issues.


Style Characteristics

The diagram “Style Characteristics” reveals the characteristics of management activity. Even if your job is not related to the management of people, you can find out what your interaction with other people is aimed to.

Teamship 9 The ability to achieve results in a team.

Proactivity 8 The ability to realize ideas.

Performance 6 The ability to achieve the desired goals.

Relationships 3 The ability to build relationships in the collective.

Abstinence 0 The ability not to get involved in other people’s affairs.

Organization 0 The ability to assign resources of time and efforts optimally.

Your values

The section Your values interprets the value sphere of your personality - which place you assign to some or other universal human values. 

Your motivation

The section Your motivation specifies the things that motivate you in life and work.

Personality testing

The section personality testing describes the traits of your character, values under 0% indicate the presence of the first character trait, over 0% - presence of the opposite feature.

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