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Psychological features are expressed in the character, behavior, motivation and mentality of the person.

Different tests, tasks and the other methodic reflect only the current mentality/physical/health state of each person and which attributes can be changed with time. While the problem solving process isn't easy for everyone, knowing the underlying causes for problem solving issues makes it easier and less energy-intensive to overcome.

Structure of Intellect

The area of testing "Structure of Intellect" refers to features of your thinking, the way of your processing the incoming information. It is possible to choose the best type of learning and remembering new information on the basis of on these data.

Concentration 100%

Information processing through formalization and implementation of the rules.

Vocabulary 82%

Information processing with the help of verbal transformations and retelling.

Visual Logic 65%

Information processing through reading and its logical comprehension.

Spatial Thinking 27%

Information processing through formation of images and visual representations.

Erudition 26%

Information processing by integration of different sources of knowledge.

Abstract Logic 24%

The information processing through feelings and emotions.

Calculations 22%

Information processing with the help of transformations and changing of the structure.

Experience Type

The area of testing "Experience Type" describes a classic division into four types of perception: auditory learner, visual learner, kinesthetic learner and digital learner. The predominant type shows the way in which you perceive incoming information. You can determine your best way of presenting information based on this information.

Visual Learner 61%

The person perceiving the most part of information visually.

Kinesthetic Learner 17%

The person perceiving the most part of information through sensing (olfaction, tactile perception) and movements.

Auditory Learner 11%

The person perceiving the information aurally.

Digital Learner 0%

The person perceiving the information through logical understanding using figures, symbols, logical arguments.

Perception of the new

This area of testing describes the way how you acquire new information. Based on the

information in this area of testing, the inference should be drawn how you adapt yourself to changes.

For example, here value 78% points at suggestibility means that person accepts new information quickly and try to follow new trends and tendencies, try to understand the opinion of the other party, rather than to stick to your point of view till the end. Takes a great delight in acquiring new information and establishing communication - that is the process of acquiring new knowledge.

Value in individualism is 10. It is easier to bring about plans and projects of other people rather than come up with your own ideas.

Value 10 in liberalism - understanding new information is not easy for this people. They tend to harbor resentment against another person longer than most and are less likely to offer excuses. Primary need is to learn to listen and trust others, and learn to acquire new information more  efficiently while learning to appreciate the joy of discovering new viewpoints and knowledge.

Goal achievement

This diagram describes the way you accomplish the goals.

Personal needs 35%

You use your strong qualities and character traits to achieve goals. You make decisions guided by the advice of others and your own experience. You act as a good communicator and can appreciate different views and opinions.

Others' Needs 31%

You can show understanding of someone's situation really good though sometimes you do not do what they say. The most important for you is to maintain good relations with everyone so that others would never believe meanly of you. You are kind but goal oriented if these goals do not go against the opinion of others.

Personality and intelligence

The "Personality and Mentality" area of testing reveals your individual psychological characteristics. The style of your behavior and thinking is described in terms of psychology. Based on this information, the fundamental characteristics of your personality can be developed.

For example on this diagram:

Extraversion 50%  - interest in events and phenomena of outside.

The degree of extraversion is moderate. Periods of orientation to the external world and the internal world alternate. That is not to say that you give a decided preference to something. You are inclined to be proactive, initiative, to react to stimulating substances spontaneously. You are watching with interest what is happening around you, and at some point, if you feel the urgent need, you can become a participant of the events.

You do not undergo clearly expressed difficulties in establishing new social contacts. It is even possible that, experiencing strong emotional lift, you initiate the familiarity easily and unstrained that would be difficult in a different situation.

Rigidity 30% - stability of behavior.

The degree of your rigidity is low. You demonstrate stability of your attitudes, habits and convictions extremely seldom. You prefer to take into consideration only other points of view and change your action plan depending on conditions. You treat the opinions of others without criticism absolutely and you will not start depreciating and dismissing them. Opponent and you can always build a constructive discussion. That's why you can revise your sights and ideas depending on the circumstances, though you are susceptible to protect them.

Spontaneity 0% - actions influenced by inner motivation.

The degree of spontaneity is low. You plan everything carefully, run through your actions and words mentally long in certain real-life situations. The paradox is that the more you try to anticipate everything, the greater failure awaits you in the event of a change of at least one variable. You endure all sorts of surprises with difficulty as it means a failure in your program, experience anxiety and a strong confusion. Therefore, if this happens, then you stop and do not know where to go further, being unable to change the scenario. Excessive passion of prediction makes you unable to act spontaneously, according to new circumstances. Instead of changing your actions together with the conditions, you will either return to a starting point in order to start all over again or make an unfortunate mistake.

Aggression 0% - behavior with the aim to do harm to the environment.

Weakly expressed pursuance of an active protection of your interests and their promotion. You are not inclined to demonstrate perseverance and the more induration, prefer to act according to the circumstances and not to interfere with their development. Traditionally, you take for gospel the opinion of important people and build your behavior relying thereon. From time to time, experiencing elation, you are able to be

active for a short time and to change reality in accordance with your wishes and interests showing unexpected perseverance and tenacity. After that, a period of activity decay and rest usually follows, as such bursts are emotionally experienced for a long time and perceived as dramatic, recently occurred events.

Lability 0% - rapid adaptation to the modifications of environment.

The degree of your lability is low. The mood is stable which is not changed suddenly and for no apparent reason. You are not distinguish by expressed emotional capability and sentimentality, but on the contrary, you are self-collected and pinned down what may be perceived as coldness and lack of involvement in what is happening. The motives of actions, area of interest change rarely and do not arrange such "surprises" for you and surrounding persons. You are able to work a long time and quite effectively without experiencing lively emotions about the content of the activities. The reaction rate is reduced.

Sensitivity 0% - susceptibility to current events.

Your sensitivity is low. The surrounding events have a slight impact on you. You are rarely involved in self-knowledge because you do not attach much importance to the activity of your own soul, you are not inclined to commit your feelings and emotions mentally. Perhaps the reason is that you are more interested in what is happening around you, and perhaps you simply meet the events of new day with interest and great relish. You get through with its difficulties and do not worry particularly if something is going wrong as it was supposed at first. Although sometimes you experience some indecision, imposed yourself strict requirements debilitating internal resources of self-confidence. Sometimes there are other conflicting feelings: timidity, shyness and doubt in your own abilities.

Anxiety 0% - anxiety because of various reasons.

The degree of your anxiety is low. You are not prone to be emotional over the feelings of inexplicable fear and vulnerability. Fear and stress arise only in specific cases, bringing potential danger and adversities really. Therefore, it is possible to say that you expect the misfortune and other bad of new events and acquaintances relatively seldom. The events occurring around do not cause your fear, emotional experience and worry.

You cope with your difficulties aptly and do not mind worrying over them.

Introversion 0% - interest in events and phenomena of inside.

You are a lowly introverted person. Weakly expressed interest in your own feelings and emotions is combined with a clear focus oriented outward, into the society. You adapt to new conditions well, show wherewithal and skills in solving practical problems. You are inclined to be interested in the events that are happening around you, you try to be aware thereof and stay close to the "hot spot", make new social ties. You communicate with interest, feel yourself comfortable being constantly in sight. You are given to  fantasies and long reflections on abstract topics comparatively rarely.

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