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Profession and Work


Type of Career — these areas of testing show the way you can apply and develop your skills at work. What profession suits you the best.

This is an example of diagram. It will be better if you pay attention to the explanatory contents and the list of the main characteristics that belong to this profession but not to its name.

For example, in this case we see the retail sector is direct sales. This sphere needs good persuasive skills. New emotions and impressions are especially essential for sales manager, business representative and merchandizer. As a rule, people that have this profession cannot sit still for a long time. Monotonous and routine work, demanding diligence and self-discipline, is not for them. They demonstrate a good knowledge of experimental psychology can predict human behavior as well as define his desires and motives of actions. Of course, all this information is chaotic, because it was obtained in daily life thanks to their natural power of observation and sincere interest to the inner world of other person. They are fond of acting as a competent person, to whom other people come for an advice. They are used to be in the limelight always and to have no difficulties to maintain social contacts. They are able to persuade, to remember large amounts of information, not to get tired from constant communication. You will rather be bored, if you stay alone for a long time.

In addition, they are a strategist and a commander. They possess developed spatial thinking, like to make up logical chains, to reason. The possibility of strategic planning and the search for the most efficient course arouses a special pleasure. Perhaps they are fascinated by chess and admire the great managers of the past, such as Suvorov or Napoleon. They can see the situation on the outside, without personal involvement. Such a view “from above” makes them an indispensable party of any dispute: your opinion is valuable by its impartiality. You like to analyze and summarize.

Their services are needed in any situation where it is necessary to organize the process of transport and storage of cargo effectively (Logistics Manager). In the harmony of arguments, they see their beauty, harmony and get moral satisfaction when they can structure the chaos, find a system and bring all data to a common standard. They know how to argue and can win only because you do not blow your mind during the debate, argue without emotions.

If you are interesting in answer the question what profession suits you the best, get tested here.

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