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The secret hinges on the fact that the quality of your thinking, and therefore, your ability to make decisions, innovate the future and beat the competition, is dependent on the quality of your physiology and temperament.


This area of biometric testing describes your individual physiological features. The minimal level of each scale is -100% while the maximum is 100%.

Section reflects unusual distinctive features of the organism: endurance, response rate, pulse, emotional stability, the oxyhemoglobin level during stress.

For example, on this diagram response rate mean (72%) reaction time. In addition, in this case reaction time is very short. In extreme situations person can make decisions immediately. In sport, this people are perfect at sprint.

The level of endurance is normal. Person can bear the strain over the extended periods of time and face the difficulties. The recovery period is rather short.

Pulse (value 5%). Like many other people, this person feel worried and upset under pressure. The heart begins to pound, the heartbeat rate accelerates and you feel agitated.

The level of emotional stability is very low. Person often swing from one extreme to another and it is difficult for you to be engaged in one activity for a long time and you feel washed out. You should try to exercise consistency and stability.

The level of the oxyhemoglobin (OH) reduces under external influence. People expend efforts quickly and energy potential in a short period of time. That is why they start easily, but not always put the matter though. Also try to make better use of their resources.


According to the classic division of people into four temperaments, the graph shows your data. When the figure is close to the boundary, you have mixed features inherent to both types of temperament as shown on the border.


The Sanguine temperament is traditionally associated with a strong and vivid personality that magnetizes and attracts people. Even in his early childhood Sanguine makes new friends very easily. As an adult Sanguine is also very sociable.

Strong nervous system of choleric helps tackle any kind of job with enthusiasm. It is possible to process a lot of information without pondering over it and applying your own experience. A person with this type of temperament can be characterized as energetic and enterprising in everything,both in business and personal relationship.... (learn more about dermatoglyphics and type of temperament here)

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