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Health problems

Biometric testing shows predisposition to certain diseases, identifies genetic and hereditary diseases, demonstrates the effects of alcohol on health and determines the level of stress resistance and the type of the nervous system of a person.

This area of testing shows which body systems are prone to rapid wear. The higher the level the quicker the body system loses its function and becomes more susceptible to hereditary diseases. And diseases will most probably progress in those systems, and the higher the value is, the sooner the system will wear.

If you see that more than three systems of the organism are prone to early wear (values are higher than 90%), do not hurry to tell the person about his health problems. Such a situation characterizes inability to use natural resources – the person uses what the nature has given his organism too quickly and irrationally, thus burning down his powers and health.

Attention! The values specified in the 'Health' section are of hereditary nature and do not reflect acquired diseases, health problems caused by traumas, accidents, or infections.

Recommendations on disease prevention


(More than 90%) The state of the heart is pathological; there may be congenital problems in the heart function.  It is necessary to carry out preventive care and watch the state of the cardiovascular system; we recommend consulting a doctor.

 Allowed methods of heart disease preventive care: physical exercise, which facilitate general endurance; proper nutrition – you need to exclude alcohol. Heart disease prevention includes a diet, which is required for controlling normal weight, as excessive weight causes extra load to heart.

An important prevention element is sufficient motion activity combined with fresh air.

Of course, it is better not to go in for sports right after exacerbation of a disease, but complete inactivity will cause much more harm than use. One should remain at bed rest only during heavy exacerbation of the disease.

People with heart deceases badly need to rest sufficiently and sleep at least 8 hours a day.

(More than 70%) The heart state is problematic; you can suffer periodical heartaches and heart function problems.

It is necessary to take preventive care measures and not to allow any decrements in heart function.

You need to decrease alcohol consumption and allow more time for physical load and staying out in the open air. As the nail changes do not yet have a pathologic character, these simple recommendations will surely help change the heart state for better.

(More than 50%) The heart state is satisfactory; you should not misuse alcohol and smoking and pay more attention to physical activity, walking in the open air, and rest.

The state and performance of your heart are not endangered, but as soon as the first problems or symptoms of a disease occur, you must consult a doctor or take disease prevention measures. Remember - your health is in your hands!

(Less than 30%) The heart state is normal; there are no problems in the heart function. General recommendations on improving heart function are the intensifying physical activity and staying out in the open air.

The state of your heart is excellent! One can only envy you; great physical condition and healthy living cause excellent values of heart function.


(More than 80%) The liver state is pathologic. Hereditary diseases are possible. First of all, you need to pass medical examination and state the real scope of the liver function problems. Another recommendation concerns prevention of liver diseases: you need to completely exclude alcohol and fat food, and limit the amount of medicines you take. We recommend consulting a doctor!

(More than 60%) The liver state is problematic. Temporary complications or aches in the liver area are possible.

First of all, you need to consult a doctor or pass an examination. Also, try to normalize your menu and limit spicy and fat food; be careful about the quality of food you take.

(More than 50%) The liver state is satisfactory. There are no serious problems in the liver function; still you should take due care of your nutrition and take toxins and medicines less. Remember - nearly 35% of the population of Russia are endangered to liver diseases.

(More than 25%) The liver state is normal; you can keep to your way of living. However, you should keep in mind that any changes in the organism, especially those related to health, are first of all displayed on nails; therefore, by examining nails you can easily control appearance of health problems beforehand.

(Less than 25%) The liver state is excellent! You can misuse alcohol, harmful medicines, and other toxic harmful elements that deteriorate the liver or cause malfunctions or diseases.


(More than 80%) The state of kidneys is pathologic; you need to consult a doctor. The following disease preventive care is possible: avoid overcooling and overheating your organism and visiting saunas. In winter, you need to get dressed as warm as possible. Ensure regular urination by taking 1.5 liters of liquids a day. In case of chronic infections or diseases, you need to stay under permanent control of a doctor as well as to carry out disease preventive care under his observance. We recommend not postponing passing examination with specialists.

(More than 60%) The state of kidneys is problematic; you may suffer short aches and problems in kidneys. Beware of sudden overheating or overcooling your organism, as your kidneys would be the first to suffer. Try to keep to a proper nutrition, take special care of liquids - you should avoid taking alcohol.

(More than 50%) The state of kidneys is satisfactory; there are no serious problems in the function of kidneys. However, you are in the risk group, i.e. though you do not have any problems with your kidneys, you are predisposed to such problems; and whenever any problems appear, you should not self-medicate but consult with specialists.

(More than 25%) The state of kidneys is normal; there are no problems or difficulties in the function of kidneys. You can keep to your way of living; however, whenever you face problems with urination, you need to examine your nails carefully, as they reflect the state of your health very well.

(Less than 25%) The state of your kidneys is excellent; there are no problems and diseases. Keep to your way of living but avoid excessive liquid.

Back, backbone

(More than 80%) The state of your back is pathologic; you need to see a surgeon in order to pass a medical examination. Prevention may include watching your body posture, sleeping on a hard surface preferably with no pillow, increase your physical activity, and do exercises for correcting body posture (use a chinning bar). In addition, you need to pass at least one massage course (7-10 sessions) a year. If your work is mostly sedentary, try to follow your work regime and make hourly breaks.

(More than 60%) The state of your back is problematic; you need to carry out disease preventive care and pass an examination. You may suffer quick fatigability, backaches, and twinges of rheumatism. First, try to watch your body posture and do simple exercises to normalize the state of your back. Do not neglect pauses in work; massage would also be useful.

(More than 50%) The state of your back is satisfactory; there are no serious problems. However, whenever you suffer fatigability and backaches - be careful, these are the first symptoms of future problems. If the state worsens or aches intensify, do pass an examination or see a doctor.

(More than 25%) The state of your back is normal; you can keep to your usual way of living. Just keep in mind that problems may be caused by a sedentary work.

(Less than 25%) The state of your back is excellent; you are able to keep your body posture and care of your health state. You also do not have any problems with your back or backaches. In this view, you can continue your usual way of life.


(More than 80%) The brain state is pathologic. First, you need to watch your pressure and not stay astoop for a long time. These common recommendations would not supplant adequate examination, so we recommend consulting a specialist, doing an ECG, or passing a full examination of your brain and head function.

(More than 60%) The brain state is problematic. Pay attention to your head function. If you suffer permanent aches or problems, see a doctor. Otherwise, you are probably prone to head and brain diseases. In this view, your best healing will be the preventive care: avoid alcohol, watch your pressure, and avoid fat food, head traumas and hits (traumatic sport - boxing, harmful work, common injury factors).

(More than 50%) The brain state is satisfactory. You do not suffer any serious problems or diseases related to head or brain function. However, you are in the group of potential risk, so whenever you can you need to consult a doctor.

(Less than 25%) The state of your brain is normal. The good state of your brain preconditions clear thinking and good memory. However, the activity of the brain decreases as the time passes. Then you need to limit alcohol, as it is alcohol what kills a huge number of brain cells.

(Less than 25%) The state of your brain is excellent. One can only envy your thinking and memory. But do not be too proud! :)

Nervous system

(More than 80%) The nervous system state is pathologic. Your nervous system is worn very much; you are prone to stresses, nervous breakdowns, and often run into depression. Probably, your problem is chronic or has a hereditary character. Anyway, you need moderate mental and emotional load, sufficient sleep at least 8 hours a day, avoidance of stressful situation and long monotonous work. Besides, it is necessary to change your environment more often and have vent for your accumulated emotions, or even better - not to let them accumulate. We sincerely recommend you a long rest.

(More than 60%) The nervous system state is problematic. Your nervous system is overstressed; you are prone to stresses and depression. Try to decrease the extent of your anxiety; we recommend you to normalize your sleep: go to bed and wake up at the same time, decrease the time you spend working by computer, avoid long work, and change your environment as often as you can. Do not withdraw to yourself!

(More than 50%) The nervous system state is satisfactory. Your nervous system functions normally; however, you, like most people, have periods of melancholy and stresses. Pay attention to such situations - they are the cornerstone of your prolonged depressions or nervous breakdowns. You should not worry about your nervous system - just carry out simple preventive care: sound and long sleep; rest; breaks at work; decrease of emotional load.

(Less than 25%) The nervous system state is normal! Your nervous system state is normal; you can continue living in your usual way. Along with that, do not forget about resting and accumulation of lassitude - you need to let yourself a long rest time to time.

(Less than 25%) The nervous system state is excellent! A person with such nervous system is rare nowadays (provided you have answered all the test questions correctly). We can only feel happy for you and recommend you to charge other less lucky people with your buoyancy and optimism!

Digestive organs

(More than 80%) The gastrointestinal tract state is pathologic. You need to pass medical examination with an expert and carry out permanent disease preventive care: separate nutrition; it is better to eat less but more often (5 times a day), than a couple of times and much food. Eat whenever and whatever you like; preferably fresh fruits and vegetables; avoid taking much spicy, salty, smoked food, alcohol; allow hunger days; be very careful about antibiotics and whenever you take them - be sure to recover your gastrointestinal microflora with bifidogenic products.

(More than 60%) The gastrointestinal tract state is problematic. You are predisposed to gastrointestinal tract diseases; most probably, it is related to your nervous system state. First of all, you need to permanently carry out gastrointestinal tract disease preventive care and pass an examination with specialists as you are in a group of risk. It is also advisable to follow simple nutrition recommendations: try not to overeat and keep to separate nutrition.

(More than 50%) The gastrointestinal tract state is satisfactory. You do not have any specific problems with the function of your gastrointestinal tract; however, you need to pay attention to decreasing stress-forming factors, try to be less anxious and concerned. In addition, you need to be more concerned with nutrition; try to eat at the same time, avoid harmful and toxic food. Along with that, you need to take into account your aging changes and pass medical examination whenever you find such an opportunity.

(Less than 25%) The state of gastrointestinal tract is normal! Your gastrointestinal tract function is OK; digestion problems are not common with you. You can continue with you usual nutrition, but avoid surfeits.

(Less than 25%) The state of gastrointestinal tract is excellent! You are like an Indian Yogi - eating nails would not be a problem for you, as your health is powerful enough to save your good physical condition and food gives you power!

The Influence of Alcohol

This diagram describes the affect of alcohol from physiological point of view: it can be either depressing or relaxing. The influence of alcohol is presented in percentage form.

Relaxing effect typical for most people (for example, you drink a glass of champagne and feel good). The depressing effect is a strong negative impact of alcohol on the body (for example, you drink a glass of champagne and do not want to drink any more, because the body does not take alcohol). The scale level indicates the extent of depressing or relaxing effect of alcohol. For example, -100 is a strong depressing effect. The alcohol disagrees with them. The effects of alcohol may be weak, medium and strong. Different scale levels indicate the degree of perception / rejection of alcohol. The description of this scale is given below: 

This level supposes that you do not feel relaxed when drink alcohol and its depressing effect increases at the same time. This means that you are an abstainer against your will because your body does not metabolize alcohol properly. As a result, you are not predisposed to drink to excess.

Which of your body systems are prone to rapid wear?  Find out the predisposition to certain diseases here!

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