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Testing reveals the adaptability to work in a team, family relationships, interaction in small groups. Harmonious relationship is a guarantee of team's success.

Compatibility estimation is the first step to mutual understanding and harmonious relationships. This applies to both work and domestic harmony circumstances. At the current stage of development,employers are trying to select a specialist that would fit into the team and produce acceptable results.

Even an excellent specialist that does fit into a team cannot complete all work alone and without team support. Therefore, it is crucial to know how a certain employee suits your purposes and needs of a team already in place. This method can also be successfully applied in the assessment of marital relationships and problems as well.

The method's principle is based on similarities between fingerprints of two or more individuals. Example: The biometric patterns of a team are estimated, the integral pattern being calculated based on the collective prints, thus reflecting the most common type of fingerprint pattern in the team. This pattern will be compared with the pattern of the new employee and the result will be provided as percentage correlation.

Along with that, we can determine areas in which patterns of the team and the new employee will be different, what will allow determining areas of contradictions and disagreements, which can arise during team work.

The method allows not only the compliance estimation of a specialist to the requirements of an employer, but also reflects the compatibility degree of an employee and a team necessary for successful joint work.

Example of compared biometric patterns:


Assessing the compatibility

Model of thinking - 87

Slight conflicts caused by differences in the models of behavior.

You can be characterized as: A person with individualistic model of behavior. You enjoy new and unusual things and always try to think and act in a creative and original way.

Your partner can be characterized as: A person with adaptive model of behavior. You try to fit to the circumstances and adapt to the changing situation easily.

Model of action - 87

Slight conflicts caused by different ambitions.

You can be characterized as: A person with high self-esteem. You are conscious of your own importance. You do not like to be a subordinate and always try to be the leader.

Your partner can be characterized as: A very enthusiastic person. You take up a new business start working.

Model of perception - 62

Slight conflicts caused by differences in mindset.

You can be characterized as: An open and sincere person who readily accepts new ideals and principles. You can be characterized as an open-minded and unprejudiced person.

Your partner can be characterized as: A person with an original and unconventional view of the world. The combination of logic and spirit.

Model of expression - 75

Slight conflicts caused by different tastes.

You can be characterized as: A person who adjusts to new trends easily. You accept innovations readily and follow the new trends.

Your partner can be characterized as: A person with a strict and conservative attitude to the new things. You prefer strict black and white clothes.

Your concept of happiness is traditional.

Model of communication - 100

All the parameters are in harmony.

The following parameters are identical: manner of communication. The same style of verbal and emotional expression.

In this report you will also recieve a comparison of your traits, complimentary or opposing traits between you and your partner.

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