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Professional selection based on dermatoglyphic - assessment of professional competence of a person so as to study the possibility of mastering their particular specialty, achieve the required level of skills and effectively perform their professional duties.

InfoLife genetic test specifies and needs  at work, type of career, as well as activity areas with the best possible career development. This block contains three parts: the interests and needs diagram, type of career development, professional education.

 Interests and Needs - what profession to choose?

This diagram is the main one. Its characteristics are foundational in the life and development of a person. First of all, it reflects what interests and needs should a person have in his activity and life, so that he would be interested, manage to do things, and his activity would satisfy him.

The key peculiarity of this diagram is that opposite scale bases provide opposite values. For example, an administrator likes to control and check everything, and an innovator (the opposite scale base) likes freedom and creative work, and likes to do everything in his own way. If both opposite scale bases are strong, the person has not only contradictions in his character, but has also versatile application of these interests in his life.

The higher the level the more expressed needs you have in a particular activity and your work should contain elements of this activity.

Besides, when you will know your main interests and needs from this diagram, you can discover your main life lesson!

 Career type - what is best for you?

 The type of career shows what activities suit you in the best way. 

A specific feature of this diagram is that it mostly copies the first diagram with the only difference that the first one indicates general interests and needs (not only work-related) where the 'Career Type' diagram specifies person's self-fulfillment only with respect to his working activity.

For example, strongly expressed professional type (6 scores and more) work in the same position or profession. Such people become experts in their sphere; they have a perfect knowledge of it. Their typical feature is the striving to be the best and unique in the activity they have chosen.

 Professional Education - what education you need?


This diagram shows what professional education is the best for you to reach the maximum realization of your aptitudes. Just like in the previous diagrams, the quality is more pronounced when the scale level is high.

 The peculiar feature of this diagram is that its effect lasts for life. At school, it can be the tendency for weak values (due to the influence of parents); during juvenile years, it can be the tendency for medium values (while searching for one's niche); anyway, maximum values of this diagram will be the determining factors with respect to the life development direction (though even in middle age).

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