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What we do

We've developed our services based on dermatoglyphics to help you get the most important and reliable information about your innate abilities.

The testing can be divided into 8 profiles: career guidance, sport selection, health, physiology, psychology, profession and work, references and compatibility. Every block contains diagrams and graphs, explanations and examples revealing and describing your faculties and peculiarities in the given direction.




Professional selection - assessment procedure professional competence person, to study the possibility of mastering their particular specialty, achieve the required level of skill and effective performance of professional duties. (learn more...)




This section reflects unusual distinctive features of the organism: endurance, response rate, pulse, emotional stability, the oxyhemoglobin level during stress. (learn more...)




Athletic abilities appear from childhood. That is why it is important for a young athlete to detect them, choose an appropriate sport and build a training process. (learn more...)




Psychological features are expressed in the character, behaviour, motivation and mentality of the person. Find out the features of Your character and thinking. (learn more...)




Biometric testing shows predisposition to certain diseases, identifies genetic and hereditary diseases, demonstrates the effects of alcohol on health and determines the level of stress resistance and the type of the nervous system of a person. (learn more...)




Value of the person installing the most motivating factors in life and work. Type of information perception, interaction with other people in his life and work, a model of behaviour in conflict situations. (learn more...)




Type of Career - these areas of testing show the way you can apply and develop your skills at work. (learn more...)




Testing reveals the adaptability to work in a team, family relationships, interaction in small groups. Harmonious relationship is a guarantee of team's success. (learn more...)

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