discover your natural abilities through your fingerprints

By studying the patterns of your fingerprints we can reveal your natural abilities and aptitudes

Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints and their correspondence with human abilities, character and health.

Fingerprints are formed in the 3rd month of pregnancy in the womb. They remain unchanged during your life. The fingerprints are unique: among the 7 billion people living on Earth, you will never find two people with identical fingerprints.

We observed certain similarities in the fingerprint pattern of professionals in different branch of activities. The more specialists in one field we tested, the more similarities we can found.

At the heart of the MyInfoLife testing is the similarity of fingerprints of people who managed to succeed in various activities.


Who is this test for?

Parents of toddlers (age 2-4)

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Parents that would like to know their child's innate potential, strengths and weaknesses to better plan for future development and education.

Parents of children (age 4-12)

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Those who want to discover the intelligence of their children, and how they learn, to determine in which courses and activities they will be more successful.

Teenagers & Youth (age 12-25)

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Those who want to know how to choose the right education and type of career, to find a high-paying job and be fully satisfied in a chosen profession.

Adults (age 25+)

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People who wish to change a career, or choose some kind of hobby, learn more about yourself, began to understand other people and build better relationships. Learn the strength and weakness of their employees and colleagues for more effective partnerships.

What information can you get from the report?

By studying the patterns of your fingerprints we can reveal your natural abilities and aptitudes

Test Procedure

The test is simple and only takes about 10mins. 

  1. For each of your fingers find the pattern that best matches your finger print. 
  2. Once you are ready, submit the form and we calculate the results and email you a full report.
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As we grow we learn how to strengthen weaker skills and adapt to the challenganges we face.

This report shows you the skills that you are naturally inclided towards, areas that are easier for you to excel in.

By focusing on careers, hobbies or interests where we have a natural ability 

we increase our chance to become the very best.


Developing your innate talents and strengths is key to success in life.

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Testing time

10 min

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